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We offer

  • Organizing and assist in deer hunting, driven hunt and wild boar hunting in Poland
  • Accomodation
  • Transport
  • Help with formal issues

Swit 003Hunters who was looking for the best roe bucks quality can feel satisfied after trip in our region, exactly Zamość area where during 4 days they shot 15 bucks.

Mostly weight of antlers was around 400 grams netto, as also much bigger, included 2 bronze, silver and one gold medal..... 

OSwit 002ne of our client from Finland was really lucky and shot very nice medal roe buck....trophy weight 590 grams and after first measurement get a gold medal......congratulations!!!!

We finished the season of driven hunts....Driven-Hunt-In-Poland-014

All hunts was very well organize by the hunting always...:) and took place in nice and friendly atmosphere.

What we can say about finally results...on the best hunting day, hunters shot 1 red stag, 2 red deer female, 4 roe deer and 25 wild boars and used 108 shots during one day.(45 piece of big game during 2 hunting days with 175 shots)

But hunting is hunting and worse days also happen, like day with 1 red stag, 4 roe deers and 6 wild boars and only 30 shots, but like You know in Poland we have only free areas so what makes hunt unforeseeable.

Driven-Hunt-In-Poland-001To sum up daily average results in season 2012/13 was:

  • 1 red stag
  • 2 red deer females
  • 12 wild boars
  • 5 roe deers
  • and 65 shots per day  

Most clients booked driven hunts for next year....

Gunter 008and unfortunatelly another spring-summer roe bucks season behind us. We would like to present statistics net weight of trophies in 2012 shoot for our clients:

Up to 149 g 2 pcs what is 0,97%
150 - 199 g 5 pcs 2,42%
200 - 249 g 13 pcs 6,28%
250 - 299 g 50 pcs 24,15%
300 - 349 g 59 pcs 28,50%
350 - 399 g 50 psc 24,15%
400 - 449 g 24 pcs 11,59%
450 - 499 g 2 pcs 0,97%
500 g and more 2 pcs 0,97%


Like You see the most popular bucks are between 250-450 grams, some of them was a medal trophies..... do not wait join us at 2013!!!


Polesie Hunting Poland
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Adrenaline....excitements....action....wild boar fever coming soon - we would like to invite You for driven hunting in Poland!!!